5 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Serve Thanksgiving Dinner

Imagine spending hours in the kitchen whipping up your family’s favorite meal from scratch? Would you like to enjoy more fun, laughter and ample time with family this Thanksgiving holiday? Then I think trying out your dinner an exclusive restaurant is an incredible idea. I hope that you have a classy hotel in mind.

Restaurant owners should take advantage of this holiday to get to their annual target by offering Thanksgiving dinner to their customers and visitors. It is an excellent opportunity to increase their annual sales. Do you think this is a good idea? Why should restaurants start serving Thanksgiving dinner?

Reasons why restaurants should serve Thanksgiving dinner

1) Many people prefer to eat out – Instead of spending hours in the kitchen making a homemade meal, a lot of Americans prefer to leave the prepping, cooking and serving to the professionals in the restaurants. They choose to grab takeout dinner for their holiday feast with the family. Also, restaurants offering dinner have plenty of opportunities to offer specials and discounts to families.

2) To avoid a sales slump – Do you visit friends, family, and relatives during holidays? You can agree with me that this is the routine for most people during this season. Because families save money by meeting in one home for the Holidays- they tend not to spend money on eating out. As a result, restaurants end up losing on sales mostly which results in a sale slump. To avoid a drop in sales, these restaurants can entice people by offering Thanksgiving dinner coupled with discounts and gifts such as a Christmas Day dinner treat. Think about it!

3) Time to test out new dishes – Most restaurants operates on the same type of meals all year round without trying out new dishes or recipes. Diners should take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to try out new recipes that can potentially earn a seasonal or permanent place in the restaurant menu. It’s that time to try out new soup recipes, pasta dishes or a unique and inspiring dessert for their customers. New dishes might earn them more than a fortune!

4) It’s a good time to market the restaurant – You only have one time to make a first impression! Just imagine hosting a family during Thanksgiving holiday. If you manage to impress them by offering the best meals and services, then you most definitely stand a chance to win their attention the next couple of holidays they might have. Would you come back to that restaurant that made your Thanksgiving season memorable? Most definitely! When you stay on top with visitors and locals by offering what they like in the best manner, you stand a chance to win their hearts. It is also beneficial in that it reinforces the restaurants’ address as an excellent holiday destination for those looking to relax and enjoy their time comfortably during holidays. Besides, the restaurant gets an opportunity to capitalize on a holiday where there are less corporate travelers and leisure than normal.

5) Restaurants can offer a fixed menu -Have you heard women being advised that the easiest way to a man’s heart is by satisfying his stomach? It’s the same case with a restaurant; the best way to keep a customer is by meeting their expectations and desires regarding cost and the food. A restaurant can take advantage of its clients by offering two or three-course meal (an appetizer, dessert, and entrée) at a fixed price. Offering a fixed menu might seem expensive, but it does wonders at the end by ensuring no guest leaves unsatisfied. You might be surprised how your sales might increase in the long run. It’s worth a trial!

Now that you understand the benefits of serving a Thanksgiving dinner go ahead and give it a try this year! It’s your opportunity to increase your annual sales and to retain customers for good. Make every family’s experience memorable! Give them a reason to dress up for that dinner without the struggle of cooking and making expensive but average meals. Increase your sales this coming season and treat yourself, your chefs and kitchen staff to an exclusive holiday getaway!

Think outside the box; it’s worthwhile. Happy Thanksgiving!