When I was growing up, my best friend had was raised by a single Mom.  Her Mom worked hard, but sometimes they didn’t have enough to eat well-balanced meals.  Often, when I would stay the night we would have these fun popcorn for dinner nights.  My friend’s Mom never told us then it was because they had nothing else, she just made it fun and put a movie in.  Of course, as we got older we figured it out, but it never bothered us.  We loved those popcorn nights. Now that I’m a Mom and we have a tight budget, I love continuing with that tradition and guess what we had for dinner last night?  You guessed it, Popcorn!


It was such a day. I almost lost my you know what numerous times. The kids, they almost saw a side of me they would never want to see.  All day long they were fighting and no matter what I did or how I did it, they still just attempted murder numerous times.  I mean, I couldn’t even turn my back once. We just moved into a new house (funny story- our mortgage lender Amy at http://www.amykleinmortgage.com also had the same friend that had popcorn for dinner, so she keeps this tradition alive too) and unpacking was in full force. Then, oooh then- I heard it.  CRASH BOOM, “Uh oh Mom I’ll clean it up, sorry!”  I knew exactly what it was.  It was the hot cocoa I made them earlier all over our white, freshly cleaned carpet from http://www.redrivercarpetcleaning.com  So yeah, it was a day.  Just when things started to calm down, it was time to make dinner, and all the meat was frozen, and my will to try was pretty much gone.

So guess what I did? I rented a movie for the kids and made popcorn for dinner.  I threw some butter on it, put ranch seasoning on, and you know what? It was exactly what we all needed.  We watched a funny movie, laughed, ate popcorn on the couch (which I never allow), and chilled out.  I swear- eating out, or fancy dinners are so overrated.  Popcorn- popcorn dinners are where it’s at.  All our moods instantly changed, and the clean up after was two dishes.  Two dishes people.

So if your day was rough, if you’re out of time- make popcorn for dinner and be happy.  Snuggle up in that new house (popcorn while moving is always the best too), in that old house, the apartment or condo, or heck- make some popcorn while camping.  Popcorn just makes everything better.