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For this I followed a recipe and had internet advice from my great British friend with the Italian name who lives in Germany (oh, do keep up!!) … mega-chef Francesco Strazzanti and produced a reasonable healthy (which usually it ain’t with a big A) version of this dish.

The sauerkraut, which came in a tin, I fried, adding some crushed juniper berries, some diced bacon, with the fat carefully cut off, some caraway seeds and some Pinot Grigio (in the absence of an Alsace wine) – it was delicious … the juniper berries giving off a very specific aroma.

I caramelised some onions with balsamic vinaigre and a little sugar, and lastly caramelised some apples (skin on) til they were soft. I used a little olive oil for this.

I simply can’t stand German sausages as they are as fatty as heck, and so we cooked some good old fashioned Cumberland bangers in the oven – they were there slightly too long on account of a quick visit to the pub – which we ate with French mustard …

All in all it was a slightly buggered up version of this great Franco (where it is called choucroute)-German dish …

lovely, except say no to sauerkraut from a tin
oh God … I am not going to make it fro scratch!!

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