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Late lunch, so it scrapes in here. This had been planned for a while with my 94 year old, (but as bright and active as anyone of 60) French friend Micheline, who was a great friend of my parents and in her career as an instantaneous translator which she carried on into her 80’s, worked for the likes of Mountbatten, Thatcher, Mitterand and Clinton and Bush (Snr!) … and her grandaughter Sabrina.
We were meant to go out, but as I screwed up the booking, I offered to cook lunch at her home.
We started with white Asparagus which is so much better than the green stuff, which we had with an absolutely wonderful fresh Mayonnaise made by Micheline!
For main we had a lovely piece of venison which I pan friend very slowly and then served with a cherry coulis. You poach the cherries in a tiny amount of water with a little cherry jam added, and then drain off the liquid. I put the cherries back in with the venison until it was done pink.
We had a salad of tomatoes and huge butter beans, and some new potatoes and chanterais carrots as well.
Dessert was the first of the English strawberries with meringues we found loafing in a cupboard and which were 2 years past their sell by date !! …. but perfectly fine, and some single cream.
We had Cava to drink … and tap water.
I delicious and very simple meal.
(I might take this opportunity to explain that whilst I enjoy cooking very much, I am not obsessed with sharing everything I do with the world. However what I do do is to self-publish a book once a year, which then gets given away as presents etc., of food that I have done … and so I find posting here quite a useful way of recording things for myself. Delighted of course if the odd person enjoys reading it!)

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