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I made curry for yesterday’s dinner. I started on Friday evening as making curry is all about letting the flavours meld.
It was a sweetish curry with a myriad of ingredients. It started with chicken which I fried and then added a whole jar of Madras paste …. some coconut milk, a heap of ginger, some Garam Masala, Turmeric and some herbs (coriander and parsley)
It then stood for most of saturday, with my heating it up and letting it cool down again a few times.
In the evening I took it to a friend’s house where it was shared with her and 5 charming 12 year old giggly girls.
Before serving I added some pineapple pieces, some passion fruit pulp and a little more paste … it turned out quite hot!
Served on a bed of plain, boiled rice!
Seems like the ladies liked it …!

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