Group wall post by Peter Kirchem

…. the man I have been buying meat off of (sic) for 30 years – Barry’s Meats at the Cobham Wednesday market – had a wonderfully aged, dark brown and dry fillet steak on special offer (1 1/2 kilos for £20!) … so I snapped it up right under the nose of a Cobham Lady who had to ring her husband for permission …. and took it to my friends for dinner tonight.

We fried it to medium-rare and had it with a M and S Bearnaise Sauce – slightly overcooked I am afraid, but still wonderfully tarragon-tasty – Gratin Dauphinoise potatoes … wonderfully crispy …. and spinach (uurgh!) and peas.

Served with a 2004 bottle of Ste. Estephe …. for pudding we had Spanish strawberries … sweetened with sugar and lime juice (forget lemon!) to which I added some more fresh tarragon … seemed a delicious combination!

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