Hi again!

For some reason Josh felt like being a “master chef” and wanted to cook dinner. So we went and bought chicken, random veggies, 3 curry sauces… He insisted on boiling all the vegetables so i kept some aside for me because I prefer mine raw so at the end (I feel like its healthier? and I like some crunch :) ) So I Just combined my uncooked veggies with some of the cooked ones at the end. We mixed a laksa sauce, butter chicken sauce and another creamy sauce.  The laksa sauce we added wasn’t great because it was really salty, and of course J is obsessed with salt so added it at like 5 different steps, and I told him to quit it lol and at the end he DID agree that it was too salty. It was nice though, we had a lot of left overs and the left overs we ate two days later actually tasted less salty.. Not sure why though but it was nice~!


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