A homecoming!

Tonight we celebrated Oscar’s return from his 4 month trip to the colonies with a meal that he requested. Needless to say it was not the healthiest, but it was good and shows he has class when it comes to food. The instructions were pretty specific and so the execution had to be the same.

We started off with King Prawns. Cooked in olive oil and a little butter. I added some frozen Thai herbs and lots of garlic as well as a flick of chillies. I also added some baby tomatoes which go so well with prawns. They have to be burned just a tad to allow the taste of both the prawns and the tomatoes to come out well.  We ate them with a little Thai dipping sauce which I think was made in heaven for prawns. We had 3 prawns each, which wasn’t too many! A good starter which we had well before the main course … on account of a little bad planning from me !

For main course we had Belly of pork. I bought the meat in the Harrods Food halls which I think has access to some of the best pork in the country. They have their own farms and raise Gloucester Black Spot pigs which here in the UK are perceived as the best piggie to eat! Harrods is probably viewed as rather expensive when it comes to food … but actually it isnt and the quality and above all the service is exceptional. Nothing too much trouble.

I did the meat on the barbecue which is fast becoming my favourite means of cooking! It avoids all the smells and other buggeration that goes with using a kitchen oven, and the diffusion of the heat is in my view much much better. Pork Belly is good at the best of times, though exceedingly unhealthy due to the fat content, but if you get the crackling right there is nothing better. We cooked this pretty well, and thanks to some last minute manipulation from Caroline, the crackling was pretty prefect too.

To go with the pork I made a potato Rösti which is basically shredded potato fried in Olive oil, or butter. The secret here is that once in the pan one has to sit on ones hands whilst it browns nicely. Too much pushing and prodding will ruin it completely, and as I was outside attending to the BBQ and Pork, this came out well, turning it only once in the whole cooking process.

Caroline made one of her wonderful apple sauces to go with the pork, and we put a jar of lime pickle on the table as I believe this goes well with pork too, though I was certainly in the minority on that view last night (!) OR infact goes well if you put it on top of the apple sauce! Geddit?

Now for pudding …. ah yes. Apple Tarte Tatin!! Almost my favourite sweet thing (apart from Caroline of course!!) and so damned easy to make it is almost untrue. Caramelised some sugar and let it burn a little. I regard this as essential to get a real caramel flavour … add some apples, plonk a square of puff pastry over the top, egg wash it, and then … haha, oh yes … I stuck the whole thing in the Barbecue (this I made first, before putting the pork in!) to cook. Again it was a wonderful way to cook it, and the pastry came out perfect!

Inverting the thing is always something of a night mare, but after putting a view stray pieces of pastry back in place, it looked pretty good, especially when dusted with a little icing sugar and cinnamon!

 So, Oscar I think enjoyed his meal … we did too, though went to bed feeling a little unhealthy…but not before seeing Team GB win a couple of gold medals, and watching the Team GB Beach volley ball babes be beaten by the Austrians! I love watching a good beating …. kinky, eh?

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  1. I don’t entirely disagree with you as it is very fatty, but the taste is I think a little more intense than other cuts of pork. But if it were me, I would have pork fillet with crackling which one can buy separately. But I generally love pork, especially with apple sauce!

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