Salt Dough Baked Chicken

With homemade potato wedges, baby spinach, tomatoes and a little baked fennel gratin on the side.

Who is Hiding Inside?

Not the roast chicken to go for if you want crispy skin – but if you want outrageously juicy and delicately flavoured then this is the method.

The dog loved the non crispy skin anyway.

The salt dough is basically 600 gms of rock salt and a kilo of plain flour, egg white and water which is mixed together and then rested for 2 hours. Then you stuff the chicken with garlic gloves and lemon – or whatever you are in the mood for! I also wrapped it up with lemon thyme as well.

2 stages of baking – you start off high to bake the dough, then lower for chicken cooking time. The actual physical prep time is pretty short – but you need to be organized to get it on the table in time.

Salt Dough Baked Chicken

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