An Isle of Wight sort of meal!

Today I visited a chicken farm run by a young friend of mine on the Island.  There i saw a wonderous array of chickens. Big ones, huge ones, small ones, spotted ones, ones with red heads, ones with cute legs and then we saw some ducks too … some which waddled and some which swam … and of course one that thought it was a chicken … not a duck. It was an education, with the farm set in the beautiful rolling countryside which is the south of the Isle of Wight with views of the sea beyond.

I also stopped this morning to buy some Island asparagus. The season generally is awful due to the rain, but there was some nice asparagus on sale. I also bought a jar of hollandaise sauce as I cant be bothered to make my own!

I then stopped at the fishmonger and bought a few home made smoked fish fishcakes. They were also excellent if a tad potatoey! We cooked them in the oven, rather than fry them.

Caroline cooked it all to perfection. Particularly the duck egg which was so much better than a mere chicken!

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