Roasted cod with herbs and spices.

Some reduced cod at Waitrose yesterday and so I bought 2 huge slabs of it.

I absolutely adore cod for its meatiness and its taste, and so wanted to do this in as simple a manner as possible. I wondered whether I should cook it en papillotte...but as we didnt have any papillotte (posh for parchment paper) and anyway wanted a little bit of burnt crust on it, I decided against.

I wiped the cod with olive oil and then rolled the top in a mixture of fresh chillis, basil and parsley, and some dried fennel (fennel is good with fish), sprinkled it with lemon juice, placed a few wedges of lemon over the top and placed it all in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Came out well with a little blackness around the edges – OK, maybe a tad too much – but the lemon wedges nicely caramelised and the fennel giving it an added ooomph!

Served with my favorite vegetables of the moment – butter beans!

Drank a glass of stout….very I’rish!

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