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  1. Oh Cheesefairy, how we miss your posts !!

    The trouble about Carbonara is 2-fold! Are you sitting comfortably…? Then I’ll begin !

    1. It has to be made with COURAGE. It has to have plenty of ‘stuff’ in it or else the pasta will eventually take over as the ingredients ‘congeal’ – pasta carbonara above any other Italian pasta sauce is made up of very ‘congealy’ ingredients (bacon, egg, cream etc) and if it sits there too long, or indeed is too voluminous (as judging by the photo this was!) it gets….well…claggy !

    2. In my (very humble…honest!) opinion Spaghetti Carbonara should not be made with Spaghetti! “Huh!” I hear you say…”the filthy Pom’s gone walkabout”

    The trouble with spaghetti and carbonara sauce is that the long strands soak up the (usually too little…see above!) sauce OR the sauce, once it has been soaked up and the Spaghetti gets ‘full’, sits forlornly at the bottom of the plate, forgotten about, and the spaghetti above gets drier and …claggier !

    In Italy we always used Penne, Farfalle or a Pasta Corta (that’s wop for Short Pasta) to make Carbonara….and left Spaghetti Carbonara to the tourists !

    Those fries look fantastic !

  2. …oh, and the restaurant seem to have fallen foul of the cardinal rule of pasta making. ALWAYS add the pasta to the sauce in the saucepan and mix….rather than adding the sauce to the pasta and expect the punters to mix it up on the plate!

    This site Captcha is asking me six x ??? = 42 Help, where’s a calculator when you need one !

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