Sofia’s Restaurant

Caught up with a friend after she finished work for a drink and then we agreed we were both hungry and should go out for dinner. She asked if I liked Sofia’s, which is an Italian pasta pizza etc place. And I was like I don’t think I’ve ever been there and if I have it was too long ago to remember.. She was shocked and said that’s where we must go!!
We got a small serve of Carbonara and a bowl of chips to share… We couldn’t even finish it between the two of us. The chips were tastey and the pasta was nice at first while we were starving, but was actually claggy and not smooth …

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  1. Oh Cheese Fairy how we miss your posts and appreciate them when you put them up!!

    I absolutely adore Carbonara – – and cannot cook it often enough, but one has to be careful.

    IF one uses Spaghetti it is best to take a normal amount of sauce and then about double it as it gets soaked up so quickly by the long Spaghetti that it is not surprising it becomes claggy after a while.

    And these guys appear to have made the classic mistake associated with pasta. NEVER add the sauce to the pasta on the plate. In Italy we always were told to add the pasta to the sauce in the pan so that A. It was easy to mix well and B. you could judge the amount of pasta to add in relation to the amount of sauce.

    Damn…those fries look gooooood !! I am now past eating them being old, decrepit and grey!

    POST MORE OFTEN!!!! :-)

  2. You’ve been to Sofia’s. We went a couple of times back when the xfiles/Buffy people used to get together. Thats probably why we haven’t been back within your memory span – it’s shit.

  3. Thanks Peter, I’m trying to remind myself to keep posting!!
    and thats interesting about the pasta + sauce.
    and ya mum, everyone says it shit but my friends liek it cos
    they give you lots of cheap haha

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