Xmas Dinner at the House of Gomi

Xmas Turkey Dinner

Pretty simple fare – everything chucked in the oven to roast at different stages, except for the parsnip which was steamed, mashed and fried in some olive oil and spices. When you are constantly putting together toys for an over excited 3 year old you can’t get too fancy.

Pudding was another matter – it took hours to construct – although not a lot of hands on time! Each layer needed 2 hours to set in the freezer before you could add the next layer. So 4 layers + adding the final homemade sponge layer and the final setting time of 4 hours – you needed to be organized! I made the fruit purees early and mixed them in with the cream so I just needed to whip the cakes out and top them with the next layer when ready.

Layers are vanilla, rock melon and raspberry with a layer of dense plain sponge. Loved the textures although the rock melon layer was more of a sorbet than a cream. Decorated with rock melon stars, mango flowers, pomegranate seeds and fresh mint leaves.

Tropical Xmas Pudding

Tropical Xmas Pudding - Side View

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  1. That’s the most beautiful dessert I’ve ever seen! The turkey dinner looks fabulously elegant too. As my old Dad would say to my old Mom, you’d pay a pretty penny for a meal like that in a fancy joint.
    And House of Gomi sounds like the perfect name for Australia’s newest and bestest dining establishment.

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