Turkey sandwiches…..a layman’s guide!

I have officially had it to here with Christmas.

I don’t enjoy it for more than a week or so and frankly find those people, both grown up and not so grown up who get squeaked about Christmas from about the middle of November a sad reflection on the times we live in. They must, to my mind live for 10 1/2 months of the year in abject mono-hum-drum, and then come alive to collectively act out some sort of cloying and vacuous notion of Christmas with “prezzies” and getting “slaughtered”.    They should get something resembling a life!

So tonight was the end and tomorrow we look forward – a habit I enjoy and encourage in others – to the next 12 months.

But there remained one last ritual of Christmas I do enjoy and that is to make and to consume Turkey sandwiches. It is the only time of the year when sandwiches are made from an abomination of fillings and yet contrive, for all the wrong reasons – i.e. nothing to do with culinary excellence – to taste absolutely fabtastic.

And so gather round and let me tell you about Turkey sandwiches.

The bread should be slightly exotic. Tonight mine was flavoured with a few herbs and was a sort of ciabatta. However the perfect bread for a Turkey sandwich is Sourdough rye bread flavoured with caraway seeds! The caraway seeds work wonders! But….Isle of wight…nuff said!

The turkey should have been soaked in a little gravy beforehand for absolute moistness….there should be a few lettuce leaves….and above all, some cooked, store bought packet slices of crispy bacon for contrast.

No butter should be used. Spread the mayonnaise on first, then pat over the cranberry sauce, then some leaves and if you have it the thinnest slice or two of tomato.

Then the turkey….slices that only slightly overlap the sides of the bread. On top of that you may balance 2 strips of the crispy bacon.

On the other piece of bread, spread the mustard and dot with the stuffing mix and carefully the join the 2 slices together.

And there, my fellow gastronauts (apologies and hats off to Keith Floyd…the greatest ever TV chef!) you have….the perfect turkey sandwich.

Serve with Pigs in blanquettes (sic) and some nice white wine. We had a Gavi di Gavi which I bought here.


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