Meat & Secret Spinach Pie

Meat & Secret Spinach Pie by mjd-s
Meat & Secret Spinach Pie, a photo by mjd-s on Flickr.

EM has decided he LOOOVES meat pies but I don’t trust that the pre-made pies in the supermarket are the healthiest for you, so I buy lean beef mince and fry it with Vegemite, soy sauce, sage and onion salt (real onions are off his Acceptable Food List currently). I also snuck in a big wad of pureed spinach – which he appears to have not discovered as he asked for seconds!

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3 Comments on “Meat & Secret Spinach Pie
  1. If EM loves meat pies it sounds as if you’re raising a proper Aussie bloke there.
    That pie crust looks perfect too.

    And Happy Christmas to all the WIHFDTers!

  2. I am not a pie fan….too many associations with Pukka Pies and the like…but this one looks very good!

    Yes, another year gone…and much good food displayed here! Pity there aren’t more of us, but we can at least consider ourselves an exclusive band of eaters!

    Happy Christmas to one and all from London (doesn’t that sound like the Eurovision Song Contest….”London calling….France…Nul Points!)

    Peter, Caroline and BB

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