Roast corn-fed chicken.

Every week so it seems my enthusiasm for cooking tasty and simple food gets the better of me and I put up a post saying something I have seen, eaten, cooked, read about, thrown-up etc is the best thing since …well, the last time…. So tonight I do have a serious question for you…..!

If, and it is a big IF (tried looking for the enlargeanIF button, but there isn’t one on an Apple) you get it perfectly right, not just in the buying, but in the preparation…the ingredients you add to it, and then of course in the cooking –

Is there ANYTHING in the culinary world better to eat….. than a perfectly roasted chicken?

I personally don’t think so, and today we prepared our little chicken like this.

This morning I sliced up for it a bed of fresh ginger, garlic and lemon and laid it thereupon (as they say in religious circles) in the Fridgidaire for the day. I drizzled it in olive oil, smeared it with garlic butter and left it to consider the gentle fate that would befall it this evening.

This evening, after a day spent in part fast asleep, in part cliff-walking the dog and driving my convertible motoring-car around the Isle of Wight in a howling gale, and in part enjoying a languid cuppatee and a slice of genoa cake with Caroline’s mother, sister, neph-phew and his lovely girlfriend / fiancee-if-only-he-bloody-got-round-to-asking-her…we returned home, ripped the chicken from its reverie, doused it in more olive oil some fresh sage and showered it in Marsala,  and placed it in the old 190 degrees for 1 1/2 hours.

Boy (or if you are a girl…Girl!)  was it delicious….we served it with warm smashed new potatoes and a fresh salad, and had a glass of fizz to go with it all, and sat watching Jamie Oliver’s new programme on UK food. It was soft, tasted of something and fell apart when we tugged at it. We also roasted a head of Elephant garlic which was delicious too.

So…Roast chicken….surely (ok, let’s be grown up here)…ONE of the best dishes in the world!

I am now lying in bed with the old bat and we are feeling very much like sneaking downstairs and stealing a bit of the chicken carcass ‘ere we go to sleep……………hmm…will she notice..? and…

...Fridge thieving at 02.00am....


Pud was a piece of chocolate and a lemon drizzled fresh Papaya.

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on “Roast corn-fed chicken.
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  1. Aye, it’s hard to surpass a properly roasted chicken. The anticipation, while wonderful smells pervade the kitchen, is almost as pleasurable as the eating.
    The leftovers ain’t to shabby either.

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