Osso Bucco over Polenta with Asparagus

Sunday dinner, so it was time to do something a bit more slow cooking. I opted to make Osso Bucco for the first time in many years. As usual when I get all classic and such, I look at a number of recipes first. I was surprised to find a very wide variety of Osso Bucco recipes, even ones calling themselves “traditional”… But there were some general themes. Of course I had to include carrots, white wine (a cheap chardonay), thyme, and make some gremolata. Opinions differed about whether to bake the thing or cook it on the stove, so I went with the oven (after of course braising the veal shanks and preparing the mixture). For the vegetable, I just braised some asparagus, drained the water off, drizzled with olive oil and grated “Traffic Jam Old Fogey” cheese — a very sharp, aged gruyere-style cheese from Detroit.

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