Lamb & Sumac Pie

Lamb & Sumac Pie by mjd-s
Lamb & Sumac Pie, a photo by mjd-s on Flickr.

From this months delicious mag. Sumac is s new spice I’m messing around with. This was really yum.

There is a layer of homemade hummus too underneath the lamb, which was fried up in tomato paste and garlic. The top layer is sumac, tomato, parsley, mint, onion, garlic and lemon juice and is not baked but sprinkled over just before serving. Filo pastry is a bitch to work with but I will deffo be making this again.

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  1. Quick question- when I try to fry up hummus (as if it were polenta or something), it often comes out looking crusty and dry, how do you get around that? Is it using the tomato paste or do you add any liquid- or perhaps I just need to work on my hummus…

  2. The trick with this pie is to bake the filo pastry until golden brown then letting it cool a bit and spreading the hummus on top. Then on top of that you put the lamb mince with tomato puree (which you have previously fried up) and bake again. This way the hummus won’t dry out.

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