A Bit of Whatever Was in the Cupboard

Ignore the whiskey it's not part of the dinner... probably part of the dessert though

I love it when a plan comes together


I am home alone for the week so am forced to create my own dinners. I had planned to make a big pot of chili, as is my wont, however I did not much feel like going to the shop to get the missing ingredients. So I took a recipe found via google and melded it to suit my tastes.

Defrosted some cuts of beef and did them up real quick with a white onion on the stovetop. Threw some uncooked brown rice into a casserole dish and piled on the rest of the dry ingredients; lots of mexican chili powder, and black pepper, a little bit of salt, some garlicy stuff, tossed in a tin of pinto beans and a tin of diced tomatoes and juice, a little bit of water, the beef and onion mixture, stirred it all up and plonked it in the oven for about an hour. Stirred it up again, and left it for another half an hour, then ate it. Along with a Nordeast beer by Grainbelt(A fantastic beer that I had brought back from my sojourn in Minnesota). Anyway, turned out pretty good and should last me for a few days now. Although, I kind of wish the beef had been a little more tender. The whiskey was not part of dinner, but I think it will be part of dessert now that I’ve finished eating.



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  1. Norm is probably too intimidated by your posts Pete. Also, Norm, Grain Belt is awesome.. I especially like Premium but I didn’t bring any of that back with me

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