Tofu Teishoku

Tofu Teshoku by mjd-s
Tofu Teshoku, a photo by mjd-s on Flickr.

Inari-zushi, unohana, homemade silken tofu, daikon oden and miso soup.

Tofu turned out really tasty! Next up need to work on texture. Miso soup was awesome.

I grew the daikon in the garden and everything else was made from scratch – except I didn’t pickle the ginger or make the tofu skins for the inari-zushi.

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on “Tofu Teishoku
2 Comments on “Tofu Teishoku
  1. Wow.
    Talk about raising the bar!
    And everything made from scratch, even the tofu.

    *contemplates frying the leftover rice and chicken from last night, orders pizza*

  2. Well the tofu available here is so meh it’s not like I have a choice!

    I am seriously considering getting a soy milk maker though – making the soy milk was the most tedious bit.

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