Total Pig Out

My friends and I are pretty much pigs who can’t stop eating & just keep wanting more. Our plans were to go out for a nice dinner and then spend the night in together… Dinner was a Chinese restaurant, pretty good food but we ordered too much: roasted duck soup, spring rolls, lemon chicken, something else with chicken plus my FAVOURITE = fried pork dumplings! Later on we went to 7/11 for several midnight snacks: 1 meat pie each, chips, an ice cream, flavoured milk….THEN we went to maccas(McDonalds) straight after we finished that and had chicken burgers and fries. We ended up eating all night so pretty much had 3 dinners I guess. And between the four of us again, it cost a shit load.


















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  1. Oh to be young again and to be able to eat like that. But meat pies from a 7/11 ? – now that’s living dangerously.

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