Omelette aux Fines Herbes.

My latest phobia (if that is what it’s called) is tarragon. A much undervalued and hugely underused herb. It is delicious, adds a sort of aniseed taste to anything (which I happen to enjoy) and is the basis for a classic piece of French cuisine – Omelette aux Fines Herbes.

Omelette aux fines herbes

Fines Herbes are an array of herbes which are chopped finely and flavour the omelette. Usually Tarragon, Chervil (impossible to find here, not worth growing) parsley and chives. They are the flavouriing for the omelette. I had one in France some time ago which added a few mushrooms, and since I had some dried-by-a-friend chanteralle mushrooms to hand, reinvigorated them and added them to the omelette.

I think the secret of this omelette is to put the herbs in the egg juice about 15 minutes before you make it so that they are flavoured a little.

I cooked the omelette in the normal way, though as my omelette pan is in Cowes and I am not, had to use something which threatened to disfigure the end result, but the thought of the disapproving looks from Gomi redoubled my efforts to slop the thing out of the high sided pan in attractive fashion.

It was pretty good and the taste of the tarragon made the dish.

In the swing of things French I made a classic vinaigrette dressing and added it to a avocado pear. Very nice too !

some of the ingredients...

For pudding I had a couple of Sharon Fruits or Kaki’s as they are called in Italy. I dont quite know what they are doing in the shoppes at the moment, but there they were, as large as life. They are a lovely fruit and highly recommended if you can find the, They are often sold hard as bullets….this is not meant to be.

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  1. Mmmm, tarragon. I recall having for the first time, many years ago, chicken roasted with tarragon under the skin and served with a tarragon sauce. An herbal epiphany it was.
    (not to be confused with the sort of short-term epiphany achieved by the inhalation of certain other herbs).

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