Meanwhile, back on Breakfast Island…

Coincidental to Peter’s spectacular (and nicely-presented, I’m sure that even Gomi would approve) omelette creation, I scored some farm-fresh free range eggs today so dinner became breakfast again. Poached, on toasted flax seed multigrain with a few strips of crispy bacon (some not shown having already been snarfled) .

As an aside, on my last couple of posts I’ve dutifully added the ingredients list, had it show up in preview but not had it appear when “published”. We’ll see what happens this time.

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  1. Heaven on a plate….there is at the end of the day nothing better than a perfectly poached egg on toast! I am quite, quite unable to poach an egg properly…I have no idea why and it is not for lack of people, veritable crowds of them, trying to teach me ! Caroline’s son Oscar is past-master at it, Caroline is good….even BB the dog makes better poached eggs that I!

  2. I could never successfully poach eggs either until a friend showed me this method..

    Put about two inches of water in a small saute pan , bring the water to a boil then turn down the heat so that the water is just simmering. Add couple of teaspoons of white vinegar (don’t worry, you won’t taste it).

    Crack an egg onto a saucer then gently slide it off the saucer into the water and repeat with a second egg. Cover the pan and turn the heat to low.

    After about 2 – 3 minutes (depending on whether they were at room temperature or just out of the fridge) your eggs will be cooked with nice soft yolks. Gently remove with a slotted spoon.

    It seems that the vinegar causes the egg whites to instantly congeal, keeping everything together. Also, the fresher the eggs, the better they poach.

    Give it a try – you might be pleasantly surprised with the result.

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