Leftover Potato Soufflé

I went totally Julia Child yesterday baking soufflé, tatin and brioche so dinner was just leftovers from lunch.

Potato Soufflé

Lunch was steak with Worchestershire sauce, potato soufflé, apple and fennel slaw with homemade coriander mayo dressing and green salad.

Steak, Potato Souffle & Apple Fennel Slaw

In the afternoon I made pear tatin – in a blini pan so it was perfect for one serve!

Pear Tatin & Espresso

So fear not I didn’t starve just on a few leftovers.

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  1. At Gomi’s house even the lunch leftovers are gourmet and the afternoon snacks are five star.

    *thinks of inviting self over to Gomi’s for lunch, looks at world map, adds thought to bucket list*

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