Gnocchi with Spinach Mornay…!

There are times when ready-made dishes serve a purpose and this was certainly one of those purposes. Whether it was a success or not i am unsure.

I have been feeling unspeakably awful for the last couple of day…to a point where I just felt like doing nothing but lie on my bed feeling sorry for myself and treating Facebook like Twitter….I was sure the end was nigh until I started feeling a little better this evening and so dragged myself and the dog down to Waitrose to buy something for dinner.

I felt like Gnocchi (probably looked like one too!) but really could not be bothered to cook a sauce to go with it. I stood around the store until the people who worked there began to fidget uncomfortably, trying to get my brain into gear…it really wouldn’t come.

I picked up the Gnocchi and then spent about 10 minute s deciding what to have with them. My eyes fell on the ready made vegetable department in general and on a Spinach Mornay in particular. I felt this would do nicely….though with added Parmesan.

Cooked the Gnocchi in the normal manner (it really is important to whip them stelth-like off the heat as soon as even one rises to the top of the water) heated the Mornay in the Microwave, added Parmesan cheese and then whopped them together.

I have to be honest…it was really just a sticky mess, vaguely tasting of Spinach but rather heavy. I finished half of it and was tempted to give BB the rest until I considered the consequences in the morning…..they went in the rubbish !

Pudding was lovely. I bought a Charentais Melon. Now here is a little story…Waitrose (posh, Cobham…I think you have been bored with my rantings about Waitrose over the years…) I went up to the Fruit and Veg man and (pompous arse that I am) said to him “Are the Charentais Melons the lovely sweet ones we enjoy in the South of France with Bayonne Ham..?” I knew I was probably about to get thumped !

But no….this lovely man’s eye’s lit up and we proceeded to swap stories about eating sweet melons in a myriad of places, including Aix en Provence and Portofino. Only in Waitrose….!

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