Dinner on my own by Skitso Freenia.

It is not often I dine on my own.

Being exceedingly popular, devilishly good looking and rich beyond the dreams of crocuses (that’s Croseus, you idiot! Ed.) I am in great demand by people inferior to me who seemingly wish to scrape a little of the star-quality off my persona, add it to their plate and scoff it like the pigs they are in order to well….let’s admit it…..be just like me!

But questa sera I ate all on my own, with only my puppydog BB in attendance. It was a humbling experience…I found making conversation with myself a little one-sided….mind you what I says to myself was fascinating in the extreme…and I found I agreed entirely with all the myriad intellectual arguments I made to myself, and laughed uproariously at the jokes I told myself. All in all I had a jolly evening….I must repeat it one day ! I must repeat it one day ! I must rep..(oh shut up! Ed.)

For starter I had Beluga Caviar on Blinis toasts. I had my pilot Struggles fly out to Baku in my private VC10 and he brought it back from there special-like ! It was divine..absolutely marvellous. I had it with Blinis toasts and Stolichnaya Elit on the rocks.

Beluga Caviar with blinis

For mains I had a fillet stake, cooked rare with just a squeeze of lemon over the top, served with a lovely crispy green salad with a few chicory leaves to add crunchfor which I made a dijon mustard dressing. Cooked perfectly rare it melted in the mouth.

Fillet steak

For afters I had a melon….from the Charente, a well know state in Germany.  Charentais melon is probably the sweetest melon you can find. It looks so cute…all small and perfectly formed. I ate this with a chilling glass of Muscat de Beaume de Venise which I always find goes rather well with it.

Charentais melon

So thats was dinner tonight….as you can tell from the photos it was all rather good!

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on “Dinner on my own by Skitso Freenia.
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  1. Interesting technique, covering a filet steak with melted cheese. The Beluga caviar seems a little paler and quite a bit flatter than I’m used to though. Must be from the exceedingly rare and pricey Albino Flat-egged Beluga. Exceptional job of melon-balling! The result looks almost like real raspberries. One must admire such attention to presentation!

  2. I am reading this again wondering what on earth I thought I was doing….but your comments have made it all worth while!

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