year 12 formal

Big post. Angry that the first one came up empty.

Had my year 12 formal, for those who don’t know how we do it here it’s like a prom but cooler. Just an event to celebrate last year of high school so get dressed up, eat, dance. It was a good night and the food was pretty good although they came up a little cold so would have been nicer warm but still tasted good. Entree was a spinach and ricotta cannelloni or spicy chicken with avocado salad and lemon dressing which I had, the chicken was a bit plain but the avocado salad was REALLY nice but was more like a puree that the chicken sat on as you can see doesn’t look like there is any salad with it.

Main was BBQ chicken breast or Grilled Porterhouse Steak with mash potato and mushroom sauce which of course I had, it was very nice but I forgot a photo lol, but I got one of the salad.




Desert was either apple & rhubarb crumble or cheese cake which I had to have! and then smothered it in the custard that was for the crumble. It was alright but I didn’t finish it because we had a bowl of caramel lollies on the table which I’d been eating all night and filled my purse with hehe..



This was me on the night :) after the formal we had an after party but there wasn’t food there lol so anyway it over all was a nice night.


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  1. me again….! I have had numerous occasions when a post I have slaved over comes up empty! Furious…but then I discovered that if you back arrow it’s all still there and then you update it and hey presto !

  2. We had a similar event our 12th year called Senior Banquet at the fancy hotel downtown, this was in addition to the 11/12th year Prom and another less formal dinner/dancing event for 12th years.

    I don’t remember what we had, but I’m pretty sure it did not look half as good as yours does.

    Also, sadly I did not have blue hair :(

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