In The Can – Version Gomichild

Inspired by this picture!

The jelly is a mix of apple and blackcurrant juice cordial, a splash of red food colouring and gelatine. I think that achieved an awesomely vivid colour. And was tasty!

This jelly is actually made in the pineapple tin with the pineapple – and I took mediatinker’s advice by running the tin under hot water before unmolding.

Pineapple in Jelly with Greek Yogurt & Passionfruit Curd

Served with Greek Yogurt & Passionfruit Curd.

Sorry Peter I should have stuck a candle in it and sung a terrible rendition of Happy Birthday to you!

See mediatinker’s post in the Great WIHFDT Jelly-off 2011! (<-- just made that up)

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