Burger, Pineapple

So I tried out the pineapple-in-a-can-with-jello trick. Notice I don’t have the whole can looking pretty and cylindrical and such. That’s because it didn’t quite work out that way. I didn’t wait long enough, so it splooged out of the can only 3/4 jelled. I put it back in the fridge and was able to salvage some slices. I prepared the jello with an extra packet of gelatin, and I think that was key. The texture of the jello wasn’t overly rubbery, but it needed that extra oomph to keep things together.

The burger is seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic from my garden, which I just harvested yesterday.

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  1. Ha!! Brilliant…I had the same problem and mine slooged (loe the word!) out too. This is getting to be a serious challenge….will try again later this week. Trouble is we all run the risk of gumming up out stomachs by the use of too much gelatin!

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