A Global Affront

It’s June, and here in California that should herald the advent of summer. Unfortunately this summer, it’s still February, and by the 4th, we’ve already broken all historical records for rainfall for the month.

I didn’t let that deter me from making a summery meal. Usually when I mix cuisines, I go for one of my Vaguely Asian™ orchestrations. But I had just had pho a couple of nights ago, and I didn’t feel like making something Asian. And with things coming into season, I have been craving fresh veggies, especially tomatoes.

So this is what I ended up with:

Tabouleh doctored from a mix, a caprese salad made with a variety of heirloom cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, and Swiss bockwurst, rolled in flour and grilled. Dessert, not pictured, was a healthy portion of Ben and Jerry’s Heath Bar Crunch… Does that count as American or English or both?

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