Red-Red & Kelewele

Red-Red & Kelewele by mjd-s
Red-Red & Kelewele, a photo by mjd-s on Flickr.

I found plantains at Rusty’s Markets on Sunday – and I’ve never eaten them before – let alone cook them! Some quick googling and I came up with this tasty sounding combo.

In the Red-red I didn’t use palm oil as is traditionally used as it’s not especially good for you, I subbed in olive oil instead. I also added some tomato paste and a splash of red wine.

The plantains I tossed in crushed ginger root, cinnamon and nutmeg and then shallow fried. Unripe plantains are bitches to peel! I should have checked YouTube before I attempted it I think! The result was surprising – almost potato like with just a hint of bananery-sweetness. Matched so well with the spicy stew.

Yuzu Panna Cotta with Passionfruit

Dessert was yuzu panna cotta with fresh passionfruit pulp. A fresh combination!!

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