Mini Meat Pies

Mini Meat Pies by mjd-s
Mini Meat Pies, a photo by mjd-s on Flickr.

Still using up freezer items, I decided to make mini meat pies for EM’s lunch. These actually turned out really delicious thanks to 2 secret ingredients – soy sauce & Vegemite! They worked some serious umami magic on the meat. Also added in peas.

Ended up having a couple for dinner.

EM keeps asking if he can have another one – so I think a success! (Although I refuse to hand over more pies at this point – he’s already eaten 3!)

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4 Comments on “Mini Meat Pies
  1. iiiii waaaaant someeee ! omg… could these be deep fried? I’m going through a serious phase of deep frying. I bet these would be crazy deep fried.

  2. I try to get him involved! I really don’t want to end up with a chicken nuggets and chips child.

    No cheese fairy these can’t be deep fried! Baked is fine!

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