L’Air du Temps, Theoule-sur-Mer, A.M. France


The same view, a little later


Ever since I started contributing to our august  site I have been looking forward to telling the world and beyond about this particular restaurant!

I am on my trick of saying something is the ‘best ever‘…. and one (by which I mean Gomi…haha!) might be getting sick of that…. but here goes anyway…. as it is a totally genuine sentiment.

When I used to come here many, many years ago I always wondered whether I would ever find anywhere as beautifully situated as this restaurant…which in those days was a simple ice-cream parlour.. I can with complete conviction say that to this day I haven’t…and it is maybe not an exaggeration or a boast to say I have been to quite some places!

L’Air du Temps is situated on a high bluff some 2 kms outside Theoule-sur-Mer going towards St Raphael. Its absolutely unique selling point is a breathaking 180 degree view over the Baie des Anges, popularly known as the Bay of Cannes.

Baie des Anges

The outside terrasse, protected from the winds by a glass screen, is a location unique anywhere along this coast – yes, infinitely better than the Chevre D’Or at Eze – and to arrive there as I did this evening at about 8 o’clock with the sun still shining strongly on Cannes and to watch the clouds turning red as the sun sets, followed by the lights of Cannes, La Napoule, Mandelieu and Theoule….and of course well beyond towards Nice…beginning to twinkle in the twilight, and then turn to a full night-time light-show, together with the snow-capped AlpesMaritimes in the distance, is an experience which is magical, and is unique to this restaurant.

It is quite simply the most beautiful location and experience one can imagine

The food is pretty good too….not by any means historic, but pretty honest for the price, Off the 32€ menu, I started with an excellent Soupe de Poissons, which came with all the trimmings, including I might say a garlic clove which, if like me, you have no romantic assignation tonight, you chop up finely and bung in the soup with the rest of the stuff that goes with it! The lardons were real toasted baguette, sprinkled with some olive oil, and rubbed with garlic and sage, the rouille was thick and well…unctuous, as it should be, and the cheese was Emmenthal…as it should be!


soupe de Poissons

For a main I had a Loup de Mer (Seabass) roasted with fennel and then served as filets, which came served with a mousse (slightly curried I think) of carrots and spinach, a lovely ratatouille and a dollop of rice. The presentation of the vegetables was a little eccentric, presented in a sort of envelope arrangement with 2 bits of thin plastic toothpicks sticking out of the top for decoration…(!)  but the taste was great.


Seabass roasted with Fennel

I really can’t do puds other than fresh fruit these days, but there was the usual assortment of French desserts on the menu…chocolate Mousse, Creme caramel, Ile flottante….I opted for a Milo Melo (French for this and that apparently) of strawberries (not good at all I am sorry to say) and raspberries (fine, but then you cant go wrong with them!) with a squeeze of lemon and over the top.


Meli Melo of red berries

There are about 6 tables outside on their terrace, and then a number more tables inside a rather nice sort of conservatory arrangement they have as well. If you have the opportunity of going there, do so on a summers’ evening, preferably with a full moon, and arrive about 3/4 hour before sunset.

And I am so certain of my opinions (in the nicest possible way of course…!!) …..so please feel free to send me your bill if you can honestly say you don’t agree the restaurant’s location is not the best ever!





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