Pile of Pastries

Pile of Pastries

Got carried away making the ravioli filling so with the huge amount left I made a stack of savory filled pastries. They were intended as a quick lunch supply – but the smell was too much to not have them for dinner fresh from the oven!

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  1. Those things look and sound delicious – like small Cornish pasties with better stuff in ’em.
    Pumpkin means something different to Aussies than it does to those of us who think of Halloween when they see the word though, doesn’t it?

  2. Cornish pasties are quite revolting, What makes people buy them is beyond me….I tried the ‘perfect’ Cornish Pastie in Cornwall….NEVER again. Like Fish and Chips ( and I know this is subjective) I find English ‘peasant’ quite hood horrible !
    These look wonderful however …and pumpkin filling…nom nom as one says….seems to have replaced yum yum as the latter doesn’t convey the sense of having put too much food in your mouth which is de rigeur these days! Rant rant

  3. Yeah I’m not so fond of commercially made pasties – but these are all fresh ingredients, very little oil or fat involved in the filling and spiced properly. Also they aren’t that big.

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