Bad Girl Pasta…

Tagliatelle alla Puttanesca!

I put up a photo some months back of this dish – I called it Pr****tute Pasta – and I have to admit, though I think I did at the time, the photo was a fraud, borrowed from Google, it looked wonderful, though what I produced was not that good.

The origins of this dish are from the south of Italy…I like to believe from the town of Siracusa…and is called Puttanesca on account of it’s considerable exotic heat. It can/should be made with anchovies…but I decided on the Neopolitan version without! Too salty.

I was inspired to try it again tonight, on the grounds that it once again contains no meat – I wonder if involuntarily I am turning into a semi vegetarian – and it hot and has lots of capers and olives in it. I have also lived with my conscience about that photo for too long. It was preying on my mind!!!  :-)

It came out rather well – I always worry a little that a remark like that sounds pompous, but then console myself with the thought that A. Readers can easily tell if it didn’t and B. we are all competent cooks here – apart from Gomi who is a brilliant one!! – and so stand a reasonable chance of not lousing something up!

I fried some baby tomatoes in Olive oil til they were browning a little, chucked in some chopped ginger and lots of chopped garlic, a tin of chopped tomatoes, some chopped sundried tomatoes, a large handful of small, pitted Olives, a large tablespoon of Capers in vinaigre, 2 large pinches of dried chilies and let it all infuse for 5 minutes. I then added lots of chopped garlic, some pepper and some parmesan cheese and cooked the pasta separately.

At the end I added a handful of chopped basil and poured the sauce into the pasta pan and let it cook for another few minutes on low.

We ate off my Ferrari plates which made the whole thing taste so much better. No wine tonight.


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  1. Oh, and watching Jamie Oliver do this yesterday I should have fried off the olives, anchovies and herbs first and then added tomatoes. I will try again tonight as this is a dish worth perfecting !

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