Australia KFC vs Japan KFC

So for the first time in … well I don’t really remember how many years, I had some Australian KFC. We were tired and hungry and it was pouring with rain so we succumbed to the temptation.

The Chicken

The Australian chicken was less moist and meatier, although it was also less greasy than Japanese KFC. The Japanese coating is lighter in colour and tends to peel off the chicken.

If I had to choose it would be the Japanese version – after a considerable dabbing with kitchen paper. In fact post-dab cold is best.

The Chips

The Australian chips (fries) win hands down. In Japan you get a few of dubious quality in a tiny bag. The Australian ones are chunky, not greasy and come in a paper box so you can share them with a chip-crazy small human and actually get a few yourself.

The Potato & Gravy

Doesn’t exist in Japan – but I remember it as being much yummier than the one we had. Maybe it tastes better in the little containers. Was too runny and too salty.

The Coleslaw

Japan deffo the winner here – although again you can only get tiny containers. Much crisper and less sweet than the Australian version.

That’s all we had – we didn’t get bread rolls so I can’t comment. In Japan you have these pseudo-scones which come with a maple syrup sauce which have always struck me as a mis-match.

Really the verdict is – I actually make much better fried chicken and coleslaw so really shouldn’t resort to fast food options and be more prepared dammit.

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  1. What about set conditions is a mistery? Ok, let see- you have been walking in the Gobi desert and it is now again night and your food options are: A. nothing B. raw snake, C. KFC… this has to be easy;)

  2. Again, no. I would take the snake, fry it in olive oil, make a cream and mustard sauce and serve it with angreen salad….

  3. NZ KFC sounds the same, not surprisingly. The chicken can be pretty greasy to the point that the coating slips off, and depending on the time of day the chips can be awesome or soggy (no in-between). I do love the bread rolls dunked in gravy though.

    In the US the KFC has biscuits instead of bread rolls, so it’s like eating doughy scones with your fried chicken (seriously, US people, you should try our bread rolls, you have no idea what you’re missing). Also you get sides like baked beans or corn. US KFC confused me greatly.

  4. Ok, one last contribution which of course contradicts my previous peevish posts, but I did once have a drive throughout KFC in Detroit years ago and I remember it to this day! The chicken was excellent, the crumb crispy and dry, the coleslaw crunch and fresh and the chips crispy too. I spent some time trying to find another one like it, but have long given up?
    If I have any sort of fast-food it is a Burger King which I permit myself once every 6 months and which I feel is healthy because of the tomato….but that’s the whole idea!,

  5. Another point…batter of any sort, then being sealed closed while hot, does all sorts of terrible things to it. If I buy fish and chips, I walk down to my chip pie – 100 yards away – and ask him to put it on a plate which I then carry home in the fresh air. It arrives beautifully crispy still!

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