Stilton in Soup

Having had the time and access to a kitchen lately, much thanks to a close friend whom I’m mooching off, I’ve been cooking dinner most nights since January. Tonight, to get rid of a large chunk of Stilton cheese, we decided to have Stilton Cheese soup. Since it required chicken broth, I slow cooked a couple of chicken thighs during the afternoon.

The cheese soup was surprisingly good, despite my initial misgivings. I simmered milk with black pepper and powdered mixed herbs for about 15 minutes and set it aside. Then in the same pot I made a small amount of roux with just butter and flour. Once the roux was browned, the milk went back in and about twice as much broth as there was milk. I then slowly dropped in about a 1/4 pound worth of Stilton cheese a bit at a time. The soup was thick, creamy and while the Stilton flavour was strong, it was not overwhelming.

There were six chicken thighs in the pack we bought, so the remainder were marinaded in honey, cooking wine, soya sauce, pepper, salt and mushroom ketchup. Unfortunately I should have left the honey off, as after about 10 minutes of grilling, the chicken skins were burnt black and enough smoke roiled out of the oven to set the smoke detector off. We pulled off the blackened skins and nibbled at them. Surprisingly still edible! The marinade I saved and reduced to make a sweet gravy for the chicken. We also almost burnt some wheat rolls during grilling them.

Dessert was much simpler, two cups of Milky Way white chocolate pudding which really hit the spot after the very savoury meal.

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on “Stilton in Soup
One Comment on “Stilton in Soup
  1. The soup sounds great!

    I think that marinaded chicken is a tricky beast – if you marinade (especially in honey) it’s better the bake than grill – you can cover the legs in foil then and cook for longer so the outsides aren’t burned and near the bone is cooked.

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