Smoked haddock and leek risotto

Waitrose had some beautiful pieces of smoked haddock reduced today and so I bought a load of it!

I had had the idea of making Kedgeree but decided to be a little more ambitious as Oscar (Caroline’s son) had returned from a trip a broad and Caroline wanted to fatten him up.

I first sweated the leeks in butter to soften them, and then in the normal way added some Arborio rice and cooked it til it became translucent. Added hot fish stock made with stock cubes boiled with some of the fish skin to make it a little more potent.

Then I made a mistake….adding the by now chopped smoked haddock….too early. We still had 15 minutes to go. The fish needs only a few minutes to cook. But that was OK. But it came out a little soft. I also added some of the Egyptian Saffron I bought….a little…eh, disappointing!

Towards the end I added some Parmesan and some chopped parsley.

I soft boiled some eggs and plonked them on top of the rice. And also separately I cooked some bacon, which always goes well with a fish based risotto….indeed any risotto.

It was all jolly good…unfortunately Oscar remained with his girlfriend at her house…bloody teenagers…. so Caroline and I enjoyed a dinner a deux!

We drank Coca Cola…out of a glass bottle and served in a nice glass, with some ice cubes and a twist of lemon. Frightfully civilised.

Excuse the photo….I used an absolutely dreadful camera…which when I saw this photo, decided had caused me enough grief, and so now lies in pieces outside the back door. Tomorrow I will remember to charge my normal camera and things will be back to normal!

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