Ozoni, Amberjack & Yuzucello


This light healthy broth is traditionally served at New Years, but we had some rice cakes so I wanted to use in soup. It’s not a complicated recipe but I like it because it’s so fresh tasting.

Also toasted kiri-mochi is just so damn tasty.

Vaguely followed the Cooking with Dog recipe.

The main was o-sechi gohan (rice cooked with adzuki beans – a traditional lucky dish) and a lovely piece of buri – which has the delightful name in English of Japanese Amberjack. It’s a very oily fish, so I baked the steaks just sprinkled with some salt and black sesame seeds.

For an apéritif I had a glass of yuzucello mixed with sparkling mineral water. It’s the first time I’ve made it – I think the yuzu version is much sweeter than the traditional limoncello – so it might mix better with tonic water. I will test this theory out tomorrow…


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