Latino Restaurant, Woking, Surrey.

I met up with my 2 favourite cousins this evening in a wonderful restaurant in Woking, a largish town not far from Cobham, called La Latina. I discovered the restaurant by accident some 2 years ago and have returned quit often as the ambience is nice, the staff very pleasant without being in the least pushy, and the food really excellent, and very Italian.

We were given a nice table by the window looking out over a quiet street and ordered an aperitif while we caught up with lost time and decided what we wanted to eat from the menu. I had a Punt e Mes, which I have not had for years and years and adore. An aromatic drink, best  diluted with San Pellegrino (I think the best soda water for mixing!)

The special of the evening was grilled sea-bass served with a cream sauce and large prawns, both my cousins ordered it. It was brilliant. The fish soft but still with bite, the cream sauce well cooked and the prawns large enough to be worthwhile serving.

But I decided against that, as I had had alot of white fish this week, and so ordered some penne with mussels. It was served with fresh tomatoes and a light cream sauce.  It could have been served with a little more sauce, but what there was was excellent. I had a green leaf salad as well.

But first we started with a dish of deep-fried calamari with a mayonnaise dip and a plate of Italian ‘antipasti‘…mortadella, coppa, olives and a few other things. I don’t like calamari at all, but the Antipasti was excellent.

Wine was a house white. We couldn’t manage any pudding, and so had a excellent Espresso coffee.

A most enjoyable evening in a really good restaurant. My cousin kindly paid the bill, and so have no idea what it came to, but prices on the menu seem perfectly reasonable.

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