A comfort meal.

After having surgery on my shoulder last week, my cooking has been limited.  Yesterday the wife let me know that she was in charge of the evening meal and spent a couple of hours cooking while I sat at the counter and watched.

Although she is a much better cook than I, because her job is much more physically demanding, I tend to do most of the cooking, it’s always a treat when she steps into the kitchen.

The surgery not only impacted on my kitchen activities, but on my ability to pick up the Nikon as well, but I was able to capture a few photos of the simple, but delicious meal she prepared.

A rustic  chicken cacciatore, prepared in a cast iron skillet given to me by a dear friend.  Although the meal was lusted after by the Husky, the pup showed some restraint and allowed me to enjoy it.

It was a pleasant couple of hours as we talked and she cooked…

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  1. Much energy was put into teaching the pup that it is ok to sniff, wonder, and contemplate the meal on the table, but never to beg or bother. Her job is to lay by my feet during dinner, with the understanding that there will be a treat once we’ve finished and the table is cleared.

  2. Ha Bob….my sentiments entirely (about the dog that is) BB starts begging and gets a whack on the nose. She then lies down at my feet and waits…there is always something there for her, though if the table conversation gets particularly boring there may be an intercourse snackette!

  3. hehe… in fact the jeddi techniques she uses (judjing by the look on her face) are virtually undetectable by the human mind, like “Mom, you will cook tonight” and “you will give me a treat once the table is cleared” LOL

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