Jamie….you lit my fire!!

Talk about scraping the barrel for the title of this piece ! I shall probably change it a few times, and would welcome any suggestions as to how to improve it…but it is what came to mind when confronted with the ‘Add new post’ tag, and so I’m sticking with it !

I was in Morrisons yesterday…a Supermarket for super poor people, but with a reputation for Pasta…and actually well deserved as they stock a bewildering array of wonderful fresh pasta…and saw glinting at me from the reduced counter a couple of jars of Jamie Olivers “Super hot” Arrabiata sauce.

I would like written on my grave the following epitaph….”This Man Could Eat (Almost) Anyones Arrabiata ” as by and large, apart from a few embarassing and to my mind hugely unfair moments in California recently, when a Spik chef, armed with  huge cojones ferreas and a bucket of chillis from  infierno got the better of me…twice….it has been one of the tenets of my life.

Chefs the world over…well, a few short order cooks in Italy and a couple of eh..chefs in England…have tried… and failed miserably to make their Arrabiata so hot that I couldn’t eat it without an accompanying glass of water!

But…questa sera…the Jamie Oliver reduced Arrabiata was not only quite brilliant…the only tomato-based store bought sauce that didnt need sugar adding to it, but also so damned hot, straight out of the bottle that I was struggling!

I’ve never come across Jamie Oliver sauces before, but as everything he does…IMHO…it was brilliant, tasty and very different!

It is slightly different and possibly rather odd to put up a photo of an EMPTY plate, but if you look at it closely…it has that ‘film’ of tomato, olive oil and ‘soft ingredients’ on it that denotes a really well made tomato sauce!  Oh God, I hope someone knows what I am on about !

Espresso and Limoncello to come !

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