The peasants were’nt so revolting….!

Normally I can’t stand peasants….tough, chewy and usually cooked to within an inch of their lives, they usually represent for me the embodiment of the sort of food which is served to make a statement about money, class… or both ! A little like Oysters,  Foie Gras and cheap Champagne… pointless, tasteless and fiddly to deal with.

So it was with some trepidation that I went over the road to friends who had promised us a local peasant for their New Years Eve celebration to which they had kindly invited us.

I needn’t have worried and I had my eyes opened to the fact that peasants can, if given the opportunity, be wonderful…! These were wonderful!

These had been stuffed with fresh spinach and garlic, roasted and served with a port and red wine reduction. Excellent….. moist and very tasty….and rather rich !

The peasants were accompanied by an excellent potato boulangere, some roasted carrots, parsnips and roasted beetroot.

After the main course there was very little room left, but we managed a wonderful christmas pudding – or Figgy Pudding… home made but based on a carrot recipe, with all the trimmings – brandy butter and brandy cream (groan!)  which we cremated in brandy…..amazing how the camera miraculously didn’t function properly until the third attempt at pouring over the brandy……!

We had some mince pies – I really don’t do mince pies, and so passed on them – and brandy butter which were all consumed with gusto.

Last was a wonderful Stilton served with a glass of Port…..and yes, we did remember to pass the bottle around the table in an anti-clockwise direction!

We spent the entire evening drinking champagne…the real stuff….it’s nice to have well heeled friends…though for once I remembered to match each glass with a glass of water.

Happy New Year to all WIHFDT friends….looking forward to reading many more posts in 2011 !

And why no photos this time….? Apparently the…’File type does not meet security guidelines’….I am absolutely fed up with my experience of Apple. My admittedly lovely MacBook Air is up on Ebay for sale, and I look forward to returning to the Bill Gates fold, which if not as trendy as Stevie-Boy…at least makes products that dont treat you like an idiot !

Addendum – Billy-Boy jad no qualms about uploading these highly dangerous photos once I got back to my PC…!

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on “The peasants were’nt so revolting….!
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  1. Bloody hell….Suomynona….just looked at some of your Twitter wihfdt postings! PLEASE put some of your stuff up here with pictures…..they sound awesome!

  2. You know two fo those recent meals out, I wish I had had a fancy camera that could take decent photographs and upload them.. I wil try harder to capture my meals in photographs for you Peter

  3. ooo! Pictures too! Lovely flambe! And ofcourse the peasants called, they would like the stuffing recipe, and also Wallace would like some of that cheese with his crackers 😀

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