Procrastination, with a side of kimbap

I have a draft of a paper “due” today. I am by no stretch of the imagination near being done. So instead of working on it, I decided to take half an hour and make some kimbap. In Korean, “kim” = the type of seaweed we know by the Japanese name “nori,” and “bap” = “rice.” It looks like an overstuffed maki roll, but the rice isn’t vinegared. At least not tonight. It’s optional. Anyway, this one has imitation crab, sesame seeds, cucumber, carrot, mushroom, spinach (leftover from the other day), and avocado. Then it’s customary to rub sesame oil on the outside of the roll. It was super good and I made two rolls and am trying my hardest to not eat the second one RIGHT NOW.

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