I started out wanting meatballs, but then the thought of how labor-intensive that seemed lead to me just chunking the mixture into a bundt pan and baking it.

One of my few memories of my step-grandmother was my introduction into secretly loving meatloaf. As a child, I hated it. But one day in high school I was “sick” and needed someplace to go. Liz’s house was near enough my school that I could easily walk there, so I headed over. When I got in, there was a meatloaf sandwich for me. Not wanting to offend, I took a bite. It was delicious–cold meat on toast with ketchup. Sounds gross, no? Maybe it is for some. But for me, it’s perfect comfort food.

Note the damage done to the pan. Maybe next time the meatballs would actually been quicker.

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  1. I absolutely adore meatloaf! Almost certainly a top 10. Yours, with the crispy burnt bits outside looks perfect! Do you mix pork and beef.

  2. I just used beef, and it was too lean. I do love it overcooked, too. If i could have somehow gotten all those crispy brown parts off the pan easily they would have made the BEST brown gravy!

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