Ever since trying some at a cousin’s a few years ago, I’ve always wanted to try deep-frying a turkey on my own.  At a party last week a friend of Mom’s said she’d gladly loan us her fryer, so I leaped at the chance.  A little studying and a little help from Alton Brown, and we’re off to the races. Slight mistake in early going: we got a 22 pound bird because we wanted lots of leftovers. But I hacked off the wings and legs to cook by themselves, lowering the torso weight to 14, so all was well:

Here are the limbs cooking nicely, thanks to my ingenious coathanger technology:

These parts got to temp pretty quickly despite inserting them when the oil was 200 degrees as Mr. Brown suggested.  I didn’t let the oil cool much before inserting the torso, and it sure bubbled up a storm upon first going in.  It calmed down soon enough:

Forty minutes later it was up to the right temp and, twenty minutes after that, ready for the knife:

This turkey is one part of a delicious balanced meal, of course.

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