Turkey Day Tell Tell

Yeah I know much postfactum, not actual and so forth…So was a few days before Christmas( I mean Thanksgiving)  I asked, each one individually, then all of them together “So, what will the menu be this Turkey Day?” repeatedly and exhaustingly until they were truly and completely confused on the issue.  And EVERY single time I got different answers… Reasons for the confusion being- one- not one of us is particularly found of the traditional menu, two- we have not roasted turkey for the past hm..5 years, and maybe it was time? I decided to get  just a little smoked turkey leg to go with whatever else… but …the store had none. Hm…  The birds they had were giant and frozen and…blah, …but they had fresh whole wings and thighs- and so -ha!
Those took the total of 4 hours to roast to perfection and I did not even had to get up early.
We also had mashed potatoes- mashed those myself with a little butter, milk and salt, pepper and parsely.
 Than there was yams with marshmallows, big salad with everything in it, stuffing ( that did not go very well- will be giving it to the dogs shortly), and o, yes- cranberry sauce from cranberries which I love and also small  white potatoes roasted whole with the skins. We had our fair share and there was just enough for lunch next day and that was that- very thankful!

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  1. Very, very, very….very good! I have often done Turkeysh components instead of the whole enchilada! But yams…with WHAT….? Can we tal

  2. OMG….just Googled it ( you can tell it’s 3.30am and I am still seriously jet lagged so am wide awake). I will they this this Sunday! Still sounds ..eh, revolting but, why not!

  3. Interesting… revolting? hm, so-no yam experience..now you’d say you’ve never had a sweet potato pie either( ooo!) So My Mom had a wonderful friend that …always started a recipe with “You go to the store, you by 3lb of potatoes…” Anyways- yams: steam, peel, mush ( or any variation thereof) add sugar. Or use the can variety (haha) add various spice , I put a little cinamon, a little ginger powder, maybe a little egg, spread in baking dish, push little marshmallows into it, sprinkle of brown sugar on top – bake

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