Starbucks…..for dinner !

I had something of an unhealthy lunch….a Whopper with Fries and a coke….good and American, and frankly, not THAT unhealthy…whatever people say (that is unless youe at one every night!)

On return fro Maui (didn’t like) to Honolulu (like….lots !!) I wanted to catch up on my Lappitoppi with pictures and things, so popped into Starbucks (free internet to those living on the Moon or in South Dakota!) and then intened to take a banana and a pineapple down to the beach.

I ordered an Iced tea (with the inherent 38 questions they ask, all perfectly reasonable and designed to make your Starbucks experience more pleasureable)

On wanting to replenish my tea, I asked if they did sandwiches….my eyes glazed over at the choice, but I remember the word chicken being spouted at me at one point…and nodded.

At the end of the recitation, the waitress asked me which one I wanted….

“the one I shoed an interest in”

“Oh, the chicken and mozarella” I nodded weakly

I then decided on pudding and the nice lady suggested a yoghurt with Granola……at least this time the choice – rather limited I thought – was laid out in front of me, and so I chose a Cherry with Granola. It was utterly delicious, and so I had another one…and a banana.

To end with I had an excellent bucket of cappucino…..I had enjoyed myself immensly.

I felt a little sad that so many young peope were sitting in their with their snouts in their computers, rather than out partying or whatever they do…..but hey!

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