Moving things Along

I know I haven’t been posting nearly enough recently, but being posted about is more than enough to drag me out of the shadows and get me writing again. It was a pleasure meeting Peter and his family for a wonderful evening in the hills of Castro Valley (in California, that makes sense, trust me) last evening, and seeing him again today and showing him around my tropical island nation of Alameda.

Our weather recently has been nothing short of ridiculous, t-shirt and shorts weather in the middle of November, even late into the evening. And now that I have time to go to the farmers markets again, my kitchen is stocked up with fresh veggies and other tasty stuff to cook, rather than relying on takeout as I have had to do so often in the past months.

After such an elegant feast yesterday evening, I wanted to make something a little simpler tonight, so I grilled lamb sausages on the GeoFo, and served them with yellow rice. For veggies, I steamed some fresh wax beans, which are really nothing like the canned ones… much better; tossed with a little garlic and olive oil, and boiled, chilled and sliced some fresh small beets. Dessert was a spur of the moment run down to Tucker’s for some salted caramel and Heath Bar crunch ice cream.

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